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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Festival 2009

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Art Painting, Music and Shadow Theatre are combined this year harmonically in the nine events that are included to the program of Megaro Gyzi Festival 2009, in Fira - Santorini, under the artistic direction of Yannis Papaconstantinou. This year΄s Festival includes six music concerts, one painting exhibition and two different shadow theater performances. It will take place from 1st to 23rd August 2009.

The entrance is free to all events.

For the analytical progarm of the Festival 2009 please click here.


PARIS PREKAS Painting Exhibition

The Megaro Gyzi Festival 2009 raises curtains on August 1st with the opening of a special painting exhibition, hommage of honour and memory of the great artist Paris Prekas (1926-1999), ten years this year from his death. Title of exhibition: "The Lithographs in the Voyage of Paris Prekas". Thirty large coloured lithographs of the artist will be exposed, most of them epreuve d'artiste from his personal archive, with subject horses, tankers and landscapes of Greece (Santorini has a dominating position amongst them). The curator of the exhibition is Yannis Papaconstantinou, Artistic Director of Megaro Gyzi.

Opening: 1st August 2009, 9pm
Speaker: The Art Historian Professor Manolis Vlachos

Duration of exhibition: 1 - 23 August 2009

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Photos from the opening evening of the exhibition (1/8/2009)

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TRIO ARTE "opens" the musical events of the Megaro Gyzi Festival 2009 on August 4th, when the leading soloists Dimitris Gouzios (cello), Apollon Grammatikopoulos (violin) and Yannis Michailidis (piano) interpret works of Bach, Haydn and Dvorak in a unique chamber music recital for piano, violin, cello.

Dimitris Gouzios, cello
Apollon Grammatikopoulos, violin
Yannis Michailidis, piano

click for recital΄s poster

Photos from the recital (4/8/2009)

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"Around the world in ... octaves"

On August 7th the musical performance "Around the world in ... octaves" is unfolded by Eleni and Souzana Vougioukli, who sing in 20 languages and dialects with their ethereal voices, solo or duet, but also play the piano and the guitar. Two thrilling voices, unique in character, timbre and expression, equal in their high class dynamic musicality.

Eleni Vougioukli, vocals - piano
Souzana Vougioukli, vocals - guitar - piano

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Photos from the concert΄s evening (7/8/2009)


ATHOS DANELLIS - Athenian Shadow Theatre

Karagiozis is landed in the stage of Megaro Gyzi, when the exceptional karagiozopechtis Athos Danellis (Athenian Shadow Theatre) takes his figures and travels young and old through the classic comedies of Shadow Theatre.

"Karagiozis Secretary" (Monday 10/8) & "The eighty two warrants of Karagiozis" (Tuesday 11/8)

Start time: 8:30 pm. Duration: 60´

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Photos from the performances (10 & 11/8/2009)

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This concert has been cancelled.


latin - tango - jazz

Zoe Tiganouria and Yiorgos Psihogios, together for first time, travel us on August 17th in a latin-tango-jazz performance, but also in rhythms of Greek melodies. The sensual dynamism and the talent of the virtuozo accordionist Zoe Tiganouria are linked in a magic mixture with the explosive temperament of the leading pianist but also excellent accordionist Yiorgos Psihogios. Central axis of this melodic tour they are the three music recording works of Zoe Tiganouria "Libertango", "Tanguera" and the recent for the soundtrack of "Deligianneio Parthenagogeio", as well as the two music recording works of Yiorgos Psihogios "Resurrection ... a jazz sensation" and "Love Obsession ... a jazz sensation 2".

Zoe Tiganouria, accordion
Yiorgos Psihogios, piano - accordion

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Photos from the concert΄s evening (17/8/2009)



Latin-jazz on August 20th with Gagabunga Quintet of composer and pianist Yannis Arzimanoglou, who with his compositions mixes musical styles as jazz, latin, bossa nova, salsa, but also greek and mediterranean music. With him four also significant musicians, the Greek Antonis Ladopoulos (saxophone), the Cuban Manuel Orza (bass), the Argentinian Roman Gomez (bandoneon & guitar) and the Greek Yorgos Polychronakos (drums).

Yannis Arzimanoglou, piano - vocals
Antonis Ladopoulos, saxophone
Roman Gomez, guitar - bandoneon
Manuel Orza, bass
Yorgos Polychronakos, drums

click for concert´s poster

Photos from the concert (20/8/2009)

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KOSTIS MARAVEYAS & Maraveyas Ilegal

The Megaro Gyzi Festival 2009 is concluded on August 23rd with one of the best young performers, Kostis Maraveyas and his band Maraveyas Ilegal. Energy, rhythm, passion and explosiveness compose this musical feast. With voice warm and familiar Kostis Maraveyas rouses the spectators and makes them part of the show. With other four fascinating musicians on stage, he tells us his own stories showing us that finally ... "la vita e bella"!

Kostis Maraveyas, voice - accordion - guitar
Ilan Manouah, saxophone
Angelos Papadatos, bass
Grigoris Ntanis, guitar
Nikos Papavranousis, drums

click for concert´s poster

Photos from the concert΄s evening (23/8/2009)

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