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Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Video from Megaro Gyzi Festival 2014 in 150 photos

One printmaking exhibition and six music concerts are included in the program of Megaro Gyzi Festival 2014, under the artistic direction of Yannis Papaconstantinou for the 8th year. The festival will be held in the 17th-century old family mansion Megaro Gyzi (near the cable-car entrance in Fira, Santorini), from August 1st until 23rd, with free admission to all events of the festival thanks to the continuing support of the Catholic Diocese of Santorini. This year’s festival is dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest Greek composers Manos Hadjidakis, following his death 20 years ago this June. Songs of the worldwide known Greek composer and songwriter will be performed in each concert of the festival.This celebration of culture in August has been established as an institution in the cultural events of summer in Santorini, attracting the special interest of tourists and residents of the island.

Free admission to all events of the festival. Start time: 21:00. Tel. +30 22860 23077.

For downloading the analytical 16-paged bilingual program of the Megaro Gyzi Festival 2014, please click the cover (or here), while for the brief program click the banner (or here)

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Copper Engravings: Panagiotis Tetsis & Lambros Orfanos

Τhe Megaro Gyzi Festival 2014 raises curtain on Friday 1/8 with the opening of the printmaking exhibition, titled "COPPER ENGRAVINGS: PANAGIOTIS TETSIS & LAMBROS ORFANOS", in which participate with 42 engravings (burin, etchings, aquatints, drypoints, mezzotints) the great Greek artist and Academic Panagiotis Tetsis and the deceased, bosom friend of him, Lambros Orfanos, one of the most important Greek printmakers.

The exhibition includes 21 copper engravings by Panagiotis Tetsis, representative of his printmaking creation in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, and 21 copper engravings by Lambros Orfanos, representative of his printmaking creation in the ’50s. The exhibition, that is carried out in cooperation with the National Bank’s Cultural Foundation (MIET), gives to art lovers a unique opportunity to admire the exquisite engraving work of the two friends and important artists, Panagiotis Tetsis and Lambros Orfanos, who -despite their close friendship- had never exhibited their works together. Thus, their works are exhibited together in a joint exhibition for the first time!
The curator of the exhibition is Yannis Papaconstantinou, Artistic Director of Megaro Gyzi.
Mr. Panagiotis Tetsis and Mr. Minos Orfanos, son of Lambros Orfanos, will be present at the opening of the exhibition
Opening of exhibition: 1st August 2014, 21:00

Duration of exhibition: 1 - 23 August 2014

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The two friends in France in 1953.
Lambros Orfanos (right) and Panagiotis Tetsis (middle)
with the painter Elli Mourelou-Orfanos (left).
The two friends outside the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain in July 1953.
Panagiotis Tetsis (left) and Lambros Orfanos (right)
with the painter Elli Mourelou-Orfanos (middle).
Photos from the exhibition΄s opening (1/8/2014)

Ioanna Forti & Athens Quintet "Dimitris Dounis"

The festival's musical journey begins on 4/8 with a musical coexistence of the major mezzo-soprano singer Ioanna Forti and the Athens Quintet "Dimitris Dounis", a special quintet of plucked string instruments, which was established in 2009 to honor one of the greatest mandolin virtuoso, member of the famous "Athenian Mandolinata" by Nikolaos Lavdas. The program of the Athens Quintet includes a wide range of works starting from Baroque and Vivaldi, the Napolitan Tarantella of Raffaele Calace, the Chitarrata of Spyros Samaras, up to the contemporary soundtrack music (of Nicola Piovani from the film La Vita e bella) but also the Concert of Manos Hadjidakis. Ioanna Forti, one from the most experienced and flexible Greek singers, has excelled in an unusually broad and diverse repertoire, that includes opera, operetta, baroque music, Greek music, musical and rock music.
The Italian rising star in mandolin Raffaele La Ragione will perform, as guest star, with Athens Quintet at their Megaro Gyzi concert. 
Ioanna Forti, mezzo-soprano
Athens Quintet "Dimitris Dounis":
Giorgos Goumenakis, mandolin
Michalis Sidiropoulos, mandolin
Yannis Goumenakis, mandola
Giorgos Theodoropoulos, mandocello
Vassiliki Leondaris, classical guitar
Guest star:
Raffaele La Ragione, mandolin
Photos from the concert΄s evening (4/8/2014)

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Stavros Lantsias

The journey continues on 7/8 with the quintet of the exceptional composer, arranger and pianist Stavros Lantsias, who serves a wide range of music, including influences from classical, soundtrack and jazz music. Through his personal albums and live performances, Stavros Lantsias composes a special melodic mixture and proposes a new audio path that manages to travel the listener in such a way as to lose none of the melodic landscapes he will encounter on this trip.
Stavros Lantsias' quintet is made up of the musicians:
Stavros Lantsias, piano
Dimitris Hountis, soprano saxophone
Dionyssis Vervitsiotis, violin
Giorgos Kaloudis, cello - Cretan lyra - mandolin - percussion
Petros Varthakouris, double bass - vocals
Photos from the concert΄s evening (7/8/2014)

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Sonia Theodoridou

On 10/8 a special recital on Megaro Gyzi stage, the unique concert «Arie Amorose», an anthology of the era of the European Renaissance in which the world-renowned soprano Sonia Theodoridou sings arias of love from the renaissance and the baroque, accompanied by Markos Kotsias on the piano. From Italy and Vivaldi, from England and Purcell to Germany and Handel, the common factor of this musical anthology is love and the sweet pain it causes.
The internationally famous lyric singer Sonia Theodoridou, who lives permanently in Berlin but visits frequently Greece, has appeared in the most important opera houses of Europe, while her repertoire includes the most significant leading roles in opera. The most famous critics in the world have written for her that "her voice sounds like an angel", while the biggest stars of the classical music world have bowed in front of her talent.
Sonia Theodoridou, soprano
Markos Kotsias, piano
Last minute change: Mrs Sonia Theodoridou was accompanied by Markos Kotsias on the piano.
Photos from the recital΄s evening (10/8/2014)

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On 13/8 the singer Erofili (from Trifono), accompanied by Evangelia Mavridou on the piano, by Dimitris Papalamprou on the guitar and by Nikos Papanastasiou on the accordion, takes us to what she truly loves, with the simplicity and the freedom of expression given by the interpretation on stage with just a piano, an accordion and a guitar. Erofili, in a different live, interprets beloved Greek songs as well as songs from her personal discography, which are presented with a different look, won through the important partnerships that she had all these years inside and outside of the group “Trifono”. 

Erofili, vocals
Evangelia Mavridou, piano
Dimitris Papalamprou, guitar
Nikos Papanastasiou, accordion
Photos from the concert΄s evening (13/8/2014)

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Gadjo Dilo - gypsy jazz swing

On 17/8 the surprise band of the year, Gadjo Dilo, who have managed to link musically the bouzouki of Tsitsanis and Chiotis with the gypsy jazz swing guitar of Django Reinhardt, revive another era in the warm Concert Hall of Megaro Gyzi. Gadjo Dilo discover in the colourful universe of gypsy jazz the memories and the scents of Greece, imparting the beauty of coexistence of two great musical traditions (“Manouche de Grec”) and filling the audience with energy, vitality and warm smiles.

Gadjo Dilo:
Sotiris Pomonis, guitar
Kostas Mitropoulos, guitar
Nikos Vlachos, double bass
Sergios Chrisovitsanos, violin
Giorgos Tsiatsoulis, accordion
Ilianna Tsapatsari, vocals
Photos from the concert΄s evening (17/8/2014)

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Giorgos Tsolis jazz trio

The festival΄s music program is concluded on 20/8 with the Giorgos Tsolis jazz trio, a modern trio from the Netherlands, whose sound and color of their compositions reflect the traditional jazz idiom with the sound of today. The members of the trio are the American drummer Owen Hart, Jr., the Polish bassist Maciej Domaradzki and the Greek pianist Giorgos Tsolis, who created and lead the group.
Giorgos Tsolis, piano
Owen Hart, Jr., drums
Maciej Domaradzki, double bass
Photos from the concert΄s evening (20/8/2014)

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