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Thursday, January 18, 2018
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One painting group exhibition and seven music concerts are combined harmoniously again this year in the eight events included to the program of Megaro Gyzi Festival 2013, for the 7th year under the artistic direction of Yannis Papaconstantinou. The festival will take place from August 1st until 23rd at Megaro Gyzi Cultural Centre, one of the few 17th-century old family mansions (near the cable-car entrance in Fira, Santorini). Admission is free to all events of the festival thanks to the continuing support of the Catholic Diocese of Santorini.

For the analytical 16-paged bilingual program of the Megaro Gyzi Festival 2013 please click the cover (for the brief program click the banner). 

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 37 young artists of the Athens School of Fine Arts “communicate”
art for all g3

The Megaro Gyzi Festival 2013 raises curtain on Thursday 1/8 with the opening of the painting group exhibition, titled “ART FOR ALL”, in which participate (with three paintings 50X50cm each) thirty seven young artists of the Athens School of Fine Arts under the guidance of their professor Panos Charalambous. This summer exhibition is a visual journey to the basic historical forms of the 20th century from Cézanne until now. 111 art works are exhibited with a fresh, new, vibrant, alternative visual language! Hosted in the beautiful Megaro Gyzi Hall and curated by Yannis Papaconstantinou, Artistic Director of Megaro Gyzi, the exhibition lasts three months, from June 10th to September 10th.

Partcipating artists:
Athanassiadou Eleni, Aligizaki Marilena, Anagnostopoulou Alexandra, Voulgaris Kostas, Vyrra Maria, Gardiakos Sotiris, Goulema Nikoletta, Daktylidi Olina, Djepaxhija Beskida, Efstathopoulou Alexia, Zervou Dimitra, Theodorou Markos, Thiveou Mary, Karatza Lila, Kokkaliaris Andreas, Kolympiri Marilia, Kourkounaki Stella, Krallis Aggelos, Lina Christina, Louizou Maria, Lykou Isis, Mantzou-Sakellariadou Alexandra, Mavraidis Aggelos, Mitakou Vassiliki, Nikas Yorgos, Ntountounaki Evelina, Ntourakos Ektoras, Panagopoulou Christina, Pavlou Anastasia, Prokou Niki, Rentl Mariliza, Spiliotopoulos Andreas, Stathopoulos Nikos, Tapinou Maya, Tziallas Vassilis, Tsirigou Despina, Tsoptsi Rafaella


Opening of exhibition: 1st August 2013, 21:00
Duration of exhibition: 10 June - 10 September 2013


Paintings from Exhibition:
art for all g1
art for all g2

Marios Strofalis Quartet

The festival's musical journey begins on 4/8 with the musical performance «European Taxim» by the quartet of Marios Strofalis, an award-winning soundtrack composer, with a large discography, whose music we have heard in many films, television series and theatrical performances, while his tango compositions achieve, year after year, international acceptance. His quartet is a musical ensemble with intense cinematic and southern European stigma, that this year has a ten-year continuous presence in music halls, theaters and concert halls. Its members are Marios Strofalis (piano), Vangelis Vergotis (accordion), Alfredo Shtuni (violin) and Alexandros Mpotinis (violoncello). The European Taxim is a nostalgic tour in cultural ports of the people of southern Europe and the Mediterranean, where classical forms are “married” with favorite dances, such as the Mediterranean tango, Smyrna bolero, nuevo tango, Aegean ballos, nouvelle jazz francaise, Andalusian ballad, flamenco, tarantella and the lyrical Mediterranean waltz.
Marios Strofalis, piano
Vangelis Vergotis, accordion
Alfredo Shtuni, violin
Alexandros Mpotinis, violoncello

click for the concert΄s poster

Photos from the concert΄s evening (4/8/2013)

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Loukia Loulaki - string trio

On 7/8 a special recital of classical music from a string trio from Vienna, consisting of the Greek Loukia Loulaki (violoncello), the Polish Magdalena Wieckowska (violin) and the Spanish Damian Posse (double bass). The two talented and promising young ladies soloists, members of the Trio 92, who do their postgraduate studies at the University of Music and Arts in Vienna, collaborate with the award-winning Spanish virtuoso bassist Damian Posse in a unique musical performance. Three young artists who have already begun to stand out internationally in the eclectic field of classical music.
Loukia Loulaki, violoncello
Magdalena Wieckowska, violin
Damian Posse, double bass

click for the concert΄s poster

Photos from the concert΄s evening (7/8/2013)

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Nikolas Anadolis jazz trio

On 10/8 the festival continues with the jazz trio of the extremely talented and internationally award-winning composer and pianist Nikolas Anadolis, who in October 2010 unanimously won the first prize (Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris) at the 5th “Martial Solal” International Jazz Piano Competition, held every four years in Paris. This great distinction paved the way for appearances at festivals around the world and famous jazz clubs like the Blue Note in New York. In 2008 he was one of the only two non-Americans to receive the "Presidential Scholarship" of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, for the four years of his studies. In 2012 he completed his degree in piano, orchestration and conducting, and now continues in Boston his postgraduate studies. With him, in a special concert at Megaro Gyzi, Dimitris Goumperitsis on electric bass and Sotiris Anadolis on drums, a trio chosen and represented Greece in the 11th European Jazz Festival at Technopolis of Athens in 2011.

Nikolas Anadolis,
Dimitris Goumperitsis, electric bass
Sotiris Anadolis, drums

Photos from the concert΄s evening (10/8/2013)

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Zoe Papadopoulou

On 13/8 the musical journey of the festival continues with Zoe Papadopoulou, a singer with an ideal voice for almost all kinds of songs, singing always guided by her soul and has won the audience with her ​​vocal abilities and interpretation through partnerships in recent years with well-known Greek singers. Having prepared a melodic journey through time, based on the feeling and emotion that the good Greek song causes, she interprets old and latest beloved Greek songs of the soul in a musical compilation for voice and piano, accompanied on the piano by Neoklis Neofytides.

Zoe Papadopoulou, vocals
Neoklis Neofytides, piano

Photos from the concert΄s evening (13/8/2013)

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Demo_Deux - Spyridoula Baka

On 17/8 a musical performance is unfolded by Demo_Deux, a duo in a constantly music search. The excellent voice of Spyridoula Baka is accompanied by Anastasis Sarakatsanos on the piano, while collaborating with them Dimitris Varelopoulos on guitar & lute and Petros Lampridis on bass. Backed by the considerable musical knowledge and studies, they explore the musical traditions assimilating new sounds in their music and "talk" with their audience dragging it on their musical journey in timeless favorite Greek songs, as well as melodies from the Balkans, the Mediterranean, Europe and the international cinema..

Spyridoula Baka, vocals
Anastasis Sarakatsanos, piano-vocals
Dimitris Varelopoulos, guitar-lute-vocals
Petros Lampridis, bass
Photos from the concert΄s evening (17/8/2013)

Manesis/Polyzogopoulos/Gyftakis Jazz Trio

On 20/8 the journey continues with Manesis/Polyzogopoulos/Gyftakis Jazz Trio, where two of the most important representatives of the Greek jazz scene, both with many years of studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and many appearances throughout Europe and Greece, the pianist Spyros Manesis and the trumpeter Andreas Polyzogopoulos, cooperate melodically with the extremely talented young bassist Arion Gyftakis, in a unique concert at Megaro Gyzi. They will perform original compositions of the members of the trio, some of which come from their recent albums of Spyros Manesis ("Undelivered") and Andreas Polyzogopoulos ("Perfumed Dreams"), but also approaches to the traditional repertoire of jazz and its modern trends.
Spyros Manesis, piano
Andreas Polyzogopoulos, trumpet
Arion Gyftakis, bass
Photos from the concert΄s evening (20/8/2013)

Roman Gomez Quartet feat. Odalis Palma

The festival's program is concluded on 23/8 with an acoustic latin evening from Roman Gomez Quartet with special guest star the great Cuban singer Odalis Palma. The band was formed by two brothers from Argentina, Roman Gomez (piano, bandoneon, guitar) and Demian Gomez (percussion, drums), in order to create new alternative ways of playing traditional music of Argentina (such as tango, chacarera, chamamé, zamba) with influences from jazz and latin american folklore music, while Caribbean element and Cuban rhythm was added. In the quartet participate also two extraordinary Greek musicians, the saxophonist Antonis Ladopoulos and the bassist George Palamiotis. The great Cuban singer Odalis Palma is also collaborating with the band.
Roman Gomez, piano-bandoneon-guitar
Demian Gomez, percussion-drums
Antonis Ladopoulos, saxophone-flute
George Palamiotis, electric bass
Special guest: Odalis Palma, vocals

Photos from the concert΄s evening (23/8/2013)

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