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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Concert of Greek Entechni (Art) Music with Konstantinos Pelekanos and Christoforos Gavalas

MEGARO GYZI participates in the events for the European Music Day

Saturday 20 June 2009, 21:00 
Concert Hall of Megaro Gyzi

Konstantinos Pelekanos, vocals - guitar
Christoforos Gavalas, guitar - bass 

EMD Santorini 2009

The Cultural Centre MEGARO GYZI and its Artistic Director Yannis Papaconstantinou presents on Saturday 20th of June 2009 the Santorinian artists Konstantinos Pelekanos and Christoforos Gavalas, together with their guests-artists, in a concert of Greek entechni (art) music with songs of well-known Greek composers.

With this concert Megaro Gyzi, and Santorini in general, participates officially for 2nd continuous year in the events that are organized all over Europe for the European Music Day between 19-21 June, on the occasion of celebrations of the World Music Day on 21st of June, through the exclusive representation of the Greek network of M.E.S.O. Music Events in Greece.

Entrance free


Photos from the concert (20/6/2009)


21st of June is no ordinary day. It΄s the summer solstice - the longest day of the year. And it΄s European Μusic Day. Ιn other words it΄s a day to celebrate. For Music, Musicians and Music lovers. And there are plenty of us out there. That΄s the reason why European Music Day keeps getting bigger and bigger by the year. In 2009, from the 19th to the 21st of June 2009 music will be celebrating all over Greece, entrance free and we are all invited. The European Network encourages the exchange of artists, supports new artists, informs members of innovative events and performances and promotes the idea of Music Day on the 21st of June internationally.

Today Music Day is celebrated in over 340 cities around the world. In Greece, year by year European Music Day is establishing more and more events all over the country. The idea is catching on! We hope that one day on the 21st of June, we will hear music everywhere, on every corner, every square, every street, every concert location and every park. All kinds of artists and all kinds of music along with crowds will dance in the streets. Schools, conservatories and every organization that is familiar with the magic of a "musical-score" will organize their own concerts. Upcoming Greek and foreign bands will play in public spaces throughout Greece and artist exchanges from city to city and country to country will multiply and we will all discover a previously unknown group. European Music Day is working for a dream come true sooner or later. This is why it organizes with the support of public, state, private sponsors and institutions, as many as possible music performances all over Greece. The events are always free and artists perform free of charge or with minimum compensation.

Because when music celebrates we΄re all invited...!

The beginning

In 1982, on the 21st of June - a symbolic date due to the summer solstice - on the initiative of the then French Minister of Culture Jack Lang and the financial support of the French Ministry of Culture France celebrated for the first time Music Day (Fete de la Musique) with the aim of "bringing out onto the streets all musicians". Next year Music Day brought together 200.000 amateur and professional artists of every kind with the support of local authorities, flooding public spaces, squares, streets, parks, concerts halls and all kinds of locations, presenting numerous gigs.

European Music Day soon becomes an exportable concept and institution and in 1985 travelled beyond France with the same aim and parameters. Athens, the first cultural capital of Europe, is the first city outside France to celebrate Music Day in 1985 at the initiative of Melina Merkouri, then Greek Minister of Culture.

In 1999 M.E.S.O. Music Events is founded in Greece with the exclusive rights of representation of the institution and the aim of promoting Music Day in Greece. Today European Music Day is celebrated with more than 20.000 events throughout Europe recognizing it as the largest popular cultural institution of its kind.