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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Immediately after the end of Megaro Gyzi Festival 2010, on 27/8, the opening of photographic exhibition, titled "Frangika", by German photographer Konrad Bertsch will take place at the Cultural Centre Megaro Gyzi. Photographs of the artist from the neighborhood of Frangika or Catholika in Fira will be exhibited. Konrad Bertsch, by using the forms and colors of reality, conceives the form of the impressive landscape and the architecture of Santorini, which has escaped from the repercussions of modern built-up growth in the island. These compelling images offer visitors a different dimension in memory and time.

Curator of exhibition: Yannis Papaconstantinou, Artisric Director of Megaro Gyzi 
Opening of exhibition: Friday 27th August 2010, 21:00
Duration of exhibition: 27/8 - 25/9/2010


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Konrad Bertsch

Konrad Bertsch was born in 1940 in Stuttgart, Germany. He finished his academic studies of Fine Art in Berlin and he obtained the Master΄s degree. His artistic development began as a student of Fine Art in Berlin. During his work as a professional artist he took a teaching post-graduate and taught art to high school and university students.

His career change to advertisement introduced him to photography, essential for product presentation. He found the medium practical and malleable, ideal for his vision of form using the shapes and colors of reality. His photographic artwork captures the quality of form in Santorini΄s impressionable landscape and architecture. Konrad has lived in Santorini for many years. He has seen the island change following the damage caused by the earthquake and the impact of modern development.

He is co-founder of "Scolio2", a cultural circle at his house, in Finikia of Ia, Santorini, as part of his workshop and as exhibition space for artists working in Santorini.

He is working as free artist. In the latest years he prefers to work in photographic projects. 


On 9/8/2010, at 20:30, the presentation of the new bilingual (in Greek and German) book of German Heidi Bauerle, titled "Panigyria (Celebrations)" will be held in Cultural Centre Megaro Gyzi, in Fira - Santorini.

Heidi Bauerle Heidi Bauerle

Heidi, a permanent resident and close friend of Santorini for the last 40 years, has studied in depth the history and the culture of the island. In her book "Panigyria" she describes the manners and customs of the most important religious festivities of the island through the eyes of the protagonist-narrator named Tousneldos. The book is a kind of personal diary of Tousneldos hero, who with his unique humorous way of describing his experiences from his visits to local festivities in the churches of the villages of the island during the last 30 years.

The book "Panigyria" includes rich illustrations and a narrative of each feast is accompanied by a characteristic sketch designed by the pen of the author. The collection of narratives is a useful and timeless guide to festivities and customs of the island. Greek and German friends of the author will speak about her and the book, while paintings and drawings of Heidi Bauerle, with theme her beloved island of Santorini, will be displayed that night at Megaro Gyzi Hall.

Photos from the event