Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Artistic Directors Greetings

We are extremely honored to undertake this year’s Gyzi Megaron Festival artistic direction. With responsibility and respect we are to continue an institution that already counts more than 3 decades in the island's cultural life, including a number of various events in the summer, which the inhabitants of this unique island as well as numerous guests, have embraced and encouraged since the beginning. 

We intend to do our best to maintain the festival’s high quality, with the participation of recognized, prestigious artists. The concerts will continue to cover all kinds of musical creation, both Greek and foreign, as well as art and photography exhibitions. We also wish to enrich these events with theatrical performances as well as speech nights. Our goal is the organization of events throughout the year and particularly during the winter, emphasizing on educational events, bringing the children into contact with the fine arts, as well as presenting and promoting young artists.

For this year, the Gyzi Megaron Festival has been included in the events that accompany "Greece-Russia 2016", with the support of the Foreign Ministries of both countries, and since 2015, has been part of the EFFE Programme ("Europe for Festivals, Festival for Europe"), which consists of festivals of artistic quality and have an impact on local, national and international level.

As the new Gyzi Megaron Festival’s artistic directors, we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. Tereza Kokkalakis,  founder and first artistic director of the festival, who, with enthusiasm and great sense of responsibility, contributed to this island’s cultural development, as well as Mr. Yiannis Papakonstantinou who succeeded her, and by broadening the horizon and the festival’s collaborations, he made it into an international cultural event that attracts artists from every corner of the world.

George Roussos

Konstantinos Grigoriou

Artistic Directors