Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Manolis Kottoros

Τuesday 2/8/2016, 21:00  

Manolis Kottoros

 The musical centers of the Aegean

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The musical "Musical centers of the Aegean" attempts to create a map of the Greek music of the Aegean islands. Virtuoso violinist Manolis Kottoros, with many appearances in Greece and abroad and profound knowledge of Greek traditional music, emphasizing in the differences of each region, edits and performs the musical narrative of the elements that influenced and shaped the islands musical production. Performed in a contemporary style, but with respect to each local musical idiom, we will enjoy suites from the most important musical centers of the Aegean Sea. 

is accompanied by the musicians: 

 Manolis Kottoros  violin    

Natasha Kotsopoulou  santouri 

 Apostle Karpontinis  lute 

 John Plagiannakos  bass 

 Michael Bakalis  percussion